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I’m Madison and I’m 15 years old.  MainLea Cooking LLC in Appleton, WI is where my shipping and delivery address is and I bottle a distance away where I help others.

When I was 6 1/2 years of age I really started to notice a few things.  I wasn’t able to have a lot of dairy as much as I’d like to.  I would throw up or have a stomach ache, Yuck.  I also had issues when I ate peanuts because the peanuts would give me great big Botox in my lips!

Going to public school at the time I knew kids that couldn’t eat peanuts or drink milk and some were deathly allergic but it didn't affect me like that.

My mom had asked the doctor for years to let me see an allergist and they didn't think it was necessary.  The doctor told us that if I couldn’t handle the dairy to cut back and as far as the peanuts they also told me to stay away from them, Oh brother.

In the beginning of 2009, I told my mother to use a fat that doesn't make me sick like butter or corn oil.  The choices we were looking into still were making me sick.  So, I asked my Grammie, Germaine who has been vegetarian and an organic eater in her lifetime to help me look for a fat that I could handle.  Her and I search and sampled. I found one that I really loved and it the oil didn’t make me sick. It was and I still use it and it’s Apricot Kernel Oil!  I just Love it and I love cooking and especially baking with it!

Now, that's how I started.

In 2015, I had decided to add the amazing Certified Organic Extra Virgin Avocado Oil because of the health benefits and my customers love it.  I also added my Certified Organic Sea Salts in August 2015 and have added more to my collection in 2016.

I carry products that are Non-GMO, NO Gluten, NO MSG, NO Soy, NO Preservatives and NO Additives.

Remember, I hope I can Nurture your life as I have mine. - Madison 

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Joe and Deb, Wisconsin

"We love every product we have from MainLea over the last couple of years; oils and salts.  We put the Organic Roasted Garlic on Everything!!"

Anita W, Wisconsin

"I'm a cancer survivor and the Apricot Kernel Oil gives me what I need as far as my health and it's health properties. I love this product and I need it!"

Joyce A., California

"I use this in my baking when taking my brownies out of the oven and giving it a sweet, salty finish.  When my grand kids come over I use the Snowflake Sea Salt on the broccoli to get them to eat.  It's salt but really sweet.  I love the variety of salts!"

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MainLea Cooking LLC

W3178 Van Roy Road, Suite D, PMB 101, Appleton, WI 54915, US

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